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Frozen Shoulder

frozen shoulder treatment

Using Massage Therapy To Treat Frozen shoulder


Frozen shoulder is a condition which comes on slowly and often happens after an injury, repeated use, or sometimes from another health condition. It happens when tissue around the shoulder joint gets stiff, creating scar tissue, which then makes moving the shoulder difficult and painful.

It is a common condition if you stop using your shoulder, perhaps because you are in pain from an injury, or from a health condition like stroke, or even diabetes. Not moving your joints for a long time, can lead to this problem. It is most common either post-injury or post-surgery in people over 40, and is more common in men than women. It needs to be diagnosed by a doctor to rule out any other conditions.

How can you treat a frozen shoulder?

There are several different medical options for treating a frozen shoulder including taking anti-inflammatory pain killers and applying heat to the area. Other treatments include steroid injections and Ice treatment to try to reduce pain and swelling.

Physical therapy is also often needed as this is a long term condition and can take over a year to actually get better. Sometimes there is an option for surgery to relieve the tightness and remove the scar tissue.

Other treatments which can help to alleviate the pain and symptoms of frozen shoulder include massage therapy, sports therapy and acupuncture.

Massage As A Treatment For Frozen Shoulder

Regular massage therapy can really help to alleviate shoulder pain and can also assist in loosening the muscles. It can increase blood flow to the area and helps to stop more scar tissue forming. It can help relieve the symptoms of stiffness.

There are a number of types of massage treatments which can help with a frozen shoulder and ease it towards recovery:

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

In this technique the therapist uses constant pressure on the muscles to help relieve the scar tissue which causes the pain. It is important to note that this kind of massage therapy should not be used if the patient is in a lot of pain or if there are signs of inflammation or of swelling as it could make things worse.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy

With this technique, the therapist applies steady pressure onto particular points on the muscles which can relieve pain and spasms within the muscles themselves.

Swedish Massage Therapy

This technique is more gentle and involves kneading the muscles to relieve stress and tension within them.

Acupuncture to treat frozen shoulder

Research studies have also shown that different types of acupuncture are also very effective for relieving the pain of a frozen shoulder, as well as actually improving the shoulder’s movement and function.

Various studies have been carried out in Germany and China to assess the validity of using acupuncture to treat frozen shoulder and they all had positive results for patients, proving that the technique does work.

The studies showed that patients experienced not only a reduction in pain levels but also improvements in the motion they could achieve with the affected shoulder after receiving regular acupuncture treatment.



Frozen shoulder is a long term condition which causes pain and limits movement which can have a big impact on everyday life. It can happen after an injury or after surgery. There are various medical treatment options including taking painkillers, ice or heat treatments and potentially surgery in the worst cases.

However, there are also alternative options which have been proven to help alleviate pain and restore movement and mobility in the affected shoulder. As it can take up to a year for frozen shoulder to recover back to normal, it’s worth exploring all of the options.

Various massage techniques can help to reduce tension and relax the muscles in the area affected as long as it is carried out correctly and not when a patient is in acute pain. Acupuncture has also been proven to help reduce pain and increase mobility in frozen shoulder patients.

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